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AZ is psychotic in their denial.

Seroquel, according to their own internal documents, place concerning and rapid weight gain close to 50 percent of those who take this drug. Also, there is over 9000 pending lawsuits against seroquel presently due to the drug clearly causing more damage than benefit for patients prescribed this drug.

Obesity always predisposes others to impaired tolerance for the glucose in their bodies that is un-regulated do to impaired insulin secretion manditory for regulating glucose. Glucose intolerance is a precursor for NIDDM (Type 2 diabetes). More than 50 percent of those who are overweight also have NIDDM.

Yet this drug makes close to 5 billion dollars a year because promotion is more efficacious than science and evidence.


Any acceptance of a drug that would cause diabetes should be considered criminal. Diabetes is a debilitating disease. It should never be played down.

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