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Cara Fletcher

This situation is terrible.In these days more and more people are finding decision in medication to overccome depression


I am truly sorry to hear this news. I hope and pray that the people of this beautiful city can recover from this. There are medications that can help, and they have helped.

I will definately be thinking of you all ~
may God bless and keep you safe


I'm so freekin depressed...I don't know where this is going to end. Just passed the TWO year anniversary of Katrina's destruction, still in my FEMA trailer and sinking deeper and deeper into depression. Meds are not helping. Don't know where to turn. Does ANYBODY in America care?

Carine B

Jo, I've spent the past several weeks involved in heavy research on Katrina for a project that I am doing for my job. (I'm a professor.) I have found myself very sad during this process, and angry too. I have an outsider's memory of the horror of the days after the hurricane: I was overseas at the time, and I watched the t.v. coverage obsessively, overwhelmed with an outsider's grief. Working on this project has brought it all back -- but all the more so because I know that true relief still has not arrived for you and others like you on the Gulf Coast. If I feel this crummy and I am not a Gulf Coast resident and Katrina survivor, it is clear to me that you and others on the Gulf Coast must be feeling about 10 million times worse than I do. Please know, then, that I have brought up my feelings not to try to pretend that I, as an outsider, have a clue as to your suffering, but instead to let you know that people really *do* care, Jo. I swear we do, and there are a lot of us out here: we just don't know what to do to help. The slow progress made in the two years since the storm saddens us, makes us angry, and makes us feel for you. The press may speak of 'Katrina fatigue,' but that's B.S.: the hearts and prayers of so many of us are still with you. Jo, please hang on, and know that people you have never met and will probably never meet (folks like me!) are still praying for you and thinking about you. Jo, be safe and well. Take care, friend.


I truly sorry to hears this story.there are medication that can help and they have help.I prey to god your's life is save.god bless u.
Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis

How to Deal with Depression

I hope all those people are receiving free counseling and support from depression outreach programs everywhere.

It takes a lot of strength to overcome such challenging circumstances. I wish the best for all of them.


I am a person that lost my older Brother to suicide in Aug 2006, almost 1 year to the date of Katrina, 4 weeks later, I lost another older Brother to Lung Cancer. The truth is that I think that my Brother's Girlfriend and her Son may have had alot to do with both my Brother's deaths, but I can't prove it. But it has been very differcult especially with the suicide.


I'm from Slidell Louisiana and I lost everything depression is killing me I have no one else to turn to with this problem. :((


I'm from Slidell la and depression is getting to me. It's at it's peak and I need help. I'm only 17. And I lost everything !

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Very sad...I'm sorry here.

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A colleague, in deep depression after Hurricane Katrina, had taken his own life.

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poor Shauna, very good story...

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I always worry about "My Island" when things like this happen...I will be watching and hoping for everyone.

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The effects are even more devastating here, said Dr. Jim Arey, commander of the New Orleans Police Department’s crisis negotiation team, which rolls on SWAT team calls.

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