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Larry Butts

Please make a transcript available of John Hockenberry's comments about his sense of rage at the lack of leadership during Katrina. It was fantastic.

mary eloquin-kraus

I just want to say how moved I was by Mr. Hockenberry's commentary on the SHAME of the mishandling of emergency services before and after the onslaught of Hurricane Katrina. He really nailed it. I've received emails from family and friends from around the world asking how this could happen in the richest, most powerful country in the world.
In classic Olympic jargon Mr. H. gets 10's all the way.
Thank you.

elizabeth lawrence

another request for a posted transcript of hockenberry's commentary. thank you.

Gerry Parfitt

How can I get a transcript of Hockenberry's commentary? I would like to share it with family because he captured the anger we feel here in Michigan. We're asking questions but feel frustrated that it will be just more of the same from our "great country and government". Thank you.

Daniel Gildesgame

I agree: Thank you John Hockenberrry for your editorial.

When the transcript comes available I will forward it to many people.

Clarity and truth are crucial in these times of "things falling apart."

Passion without blame is crucial to effectuating more humaine and comprehensive anticipatory design.

Suzanne Hamilton

John Hockenberry's comments need to be posted. Let me join in asking that the transcript be made available.

Susan Gerbino

Adding my voice for a transcript of John Hockenberry's comments.

Thank you.

Chris Bergerson

I am looking for a link to the "Psychological First Aid Kit" talked about on today's program. Can anyone help. Thanks you!
P.S. Please make John Hockenberry's transcript available. It was so right on the mark. I would like to share it with others.

Jim LaRegina

I would like to forward John Hockenberry's commentary to several people who would like it and several others who need to hear it. I hope you will make it available as either at transcript or audio clip.

barbara frei

Please make John Hockenberry's transcript available. It was so right on the mark. I would like to share it with others.
Thank you

barbara frei

Please have a transcript of the 9-18-05 commentary by John Hockenberry available, I would like to share it with others.

pam dymek

Wonderful commentary! I also await a transcript. Thank you.


Nice Commentry! I also await a transcript

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I'm also interested in the transcripts.


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