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Martha Garvey

This was an excellent show. Thanks for doing it. It makes me sad that it comes on the anniversary of September 11th, but I especially appreciated the reporting from Texas.

Greg Barc

You have a great program.
One of your guests stated the three leading causes of stress.
One of which was social order.
I don't recall the other two.
Can anyone help me out?


Can anyone tell me how to find the radio essay that came rirht at the end of thies past Sunday's
program? I would love to email it to a few people. I am not facile getting around a website.

Mike Chau

I don't have TV at home but I've been seeing pictures online and on the newspaper.

This is a great blog it really shows what the people are going through.

Andrew Spark

I think we need to reform the delivery of health care for those people who left behind the region's most vulnerable residents, poor people, and people with multiple physical and mental disabilities.

peter esser

Would like to print out for my Psychology class i teach at Wayne Valley High School to the special children your mulltple task program dealing with the test and how the brian does such task every day in its thinking..process Been listening to our program for possible d20 years now+ or -..if possibel emil it to me tx Peter Esser 49 Holyoke Cct Wany nj I use most of lyour material to enhance my classes. rsvp asap



sha sha belcar

Do you feel a Panic or Anxiety attack can happen at any time?
People in this situation often feel that are lucky
to make it through the day without that switch been
flicked but in the back of their mind they fear that it
could happen at any moment day or night.
They remain on high alert anticipating it.
Anticipating the big one!
In fact most people who experience panic attacks
fear it in this manner. It is natural for people to think this
way as often the panic attacks come forcefully out
of the blue.
The truth of the situation is however
different. A panic attack does not lurk in the background
waiting to pounce, it can feel that way in your mind
if you are anxious but that is not how it really works.
Panic attacks are actually something we decide to
initiate when we feel out of control.
The thought that triggers almost all panic attacks is :
"This is too much , I cannot handle this,"
Then the adrenaline starts to really pump.
"Ah I was right look my body is going into a fit...
"I am terrified by what is about to
happen...HELP,- PANIC... !"
The severity of the panic attack is directly
related to how you are feeling at that time.
If you are exhausted physically, mentally or emotionally
then you are more vulnerable to feeling anxious.
After the panic attack has run its course, it is
followed by a prolonged period of general anxiety.
During this time the person fears that the panic
switch might go off again at any moment sending
them into another tailspin of high anxiety.

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The study found that people with depression or anxiety were more likely to associate their mood with the color gray, while happier people preferred yellow.

Simon Merry

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Panic disorder is included among what mental health professionals call anxiety disorders.

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